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After contacting us thru E-Mail, and phone conversations, discussing what you would like to have done with your quilt, and style of needle work, you are now ready to ship your unfinished quilt to us.  Here is a check list to go by to insure you have all items ready for us to expediate the process.

Quilt Preparation

Quilt preparation is very important prior to quilting front and back together.  The better the quilt top is prepared, the better the finished result will be. 

Quilt Top
Please make sure that your quilt top is pieced carefully.
If you have areas where there are puckers or doesn't lie flat it, it may create puckers when quilting.
Make sure that your sides are the same width and the same length.
Press the back of your quilt top. This is a good time to check all your seams and make sure that they are not coming apart.
Trim all loose threads that are on the top of your quilt, and the back of the top.
This will prevent dark threads from showing through light areas and taking away from the beauty of your quilt.
Press the quilt top well from the back and make sure that all the seams are pressed.

Do not baste or pin the quilt layers together.
This is not necessary for long arm machine quilting, as the quilt top, batting, and backing are all loaded separately onto the rollers.

Quilt Backing
The choosing of a backing fabric is as important as the quilt top fabric.  An excellent choice is 100% cotton in a coordinating print to compliment your quilt top. Please trim off the selvage edges before seaming your backing. Sides should be straight, and the backing squared. Bed sheets are not suitable.  Back stitch all seams that come to the edge. Press the seams flat. The backing must be 4" to 5" larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides. This means it should be 8 to 10 inches larger than the top in both directions. (ie: if your quilt top measures 108" x 108", the backing and batting should measure at least 118" x 118").

We strongly reccommend using our batting when we finish a quilt. Simply because all batting is different, and some batting is packaged folded maybe one or two times, and the creases sometimes remain permantmently.  Some batting is made with uneven density, or it is too fragile and may shred in handling, others may beard and spoil your quilt. We use only top quality batting, our name and reputation is very important to us, and quality will not be denied. 

Please send one yard of fabric if you would like me to cut and apply binding. I will cut 2½ inch straight grain binding, apply by machine to the front, turn, and hand stitch on the back.

Packing and Sending
Fold the quilt top carefully. 
Mark the top of quilt, with a note held by a safety pin, do the same with your backing if it is a directional fabric. 
Top must be cleaned, pressed & threads clipped. 
Press the backing well, seams to one side, trim all the hanging threads. 
Quilt and backing must be squared. 
Please DO NOT pin or baste layers together. 
Include fabric for binding, if you want us to do it for you, king size quilt 1 1/4yd. all other quilt sizes 1 yd. 
Place quilt top, and any fabrics in plastic bag to protect during shipping. 
MAKE SURE YOU SEND EVERYTHING, the sooner we get it, the faster you get it back.
Place your top and back in a plastic bag before placing in the box.
Make sure to choose a box big enough to ship back the completed quilt.
Enclose a return address label with all your information.
Enclose your quilting instructions.
Once I recieve your quilt, I will call you and reconfirm the details of your order.
Finally make sure your package is INSURED before shipping!

A $50 deposit is required to begin work on your quilt. You may either include a check or money order in your shipment. Please indicate on your order form which payment method you are using. 

Please contact us by e-mail  to let us know that your quilt top is on its way.