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All prices will be discussed before a quilt is shipped to us. You will know what our services will cost you before you ship a quilt to us. That way there is no hidden charges or add-ons, when you receive your final bill. We want you to have confidence and trust in "Kelley's Quilting" our reputation depends on it!

Basting Service: (for hand quilting)
$ .005 (1/2 cent) per square inch for horizontal and vertical basting. Parallel lines across quilt about 3" or 4" apart. Minimum charge: $35.00

Basic Quilting:
$ .015 (1 & 1/2 cents) per square inch. Edge to edge, patterns, simple pantograph designs.
Minimum charge: $35.00 (Use Basic Quilting Calculator to give you an idea of what it may cost to have your quilt finished.)

Custom Quilting
$ .02 (2 cents) per square inch. Complex edge to edge designs, small meander, stitch in the ditch, diagonals, echo quilts, drop-in designs, borders. (Use Custom Quilting Calculator to give you an idea of what it may cost to have your quilt finished.)

Extreme Custom Quilting
$0.03 - $0.05 (3 cents to 5 cents) depending on the amount of intricate designs and how the quilt is quilted to make your design POP-OUT to the eye. Price depends on amount of complexity, and will be extensively discussed before the quilt is shipped to us.

We have two varieties of quality batting available. Hobbs Polydown Plus is a polyester lo-loft batting, we also have Hobbs 80/20 white which is similar to "warm & white". We charge $9.75 per yard of batting used in your quilt. (a king size quilt takes just under 3 yards of batting).

Binding with mitered corners:
Material used for binding must be included with quilt top and backing. (1/2 to 1 yard usually needed.) Any unused material will be returned.   Please cut strips 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 inches wide, and connect all strips. If the binding material is not pre-made there will be a $20 charge for making the binding strips.

Half Binding - $ .10 (10 cents) / running inch. Binding will be stitched to front of quilt by machine. Ready for you to hand stitch to back of quilt.

Complete Binding - $ .15 (15 cents) / running inch. Binding will be stitched to front of quilt by machine and stitched to back by hand with invisible stitching.

Threads and Thread charges:
Prices vary on thread variety and amount used. Please do not send your own thread. Threads used on the Gammill long-arm quilting machine are specially designed for high-speed machine quilting. There are the several companies that make thread for the high-speed machines.  So that certain color, or variegated thread you desire will be easy to find.

Thread Charges: will range from $3 - $15 depending on your quilt size & density of stitching.

Other Charges:
Unbasting, Unpinning, Seam repair - $20.00 / per hour.

Backing Material
Our local customers can take advantage of an affiliate deal we have with a local fabric shop.
After bringing your quilt to us, we can go down to the fabric shop and pick out your quilt backing material and receive 10% off your Backing Material purchase.

For our out of the area customers which are not local, you can also take advantage of this offer. Tell us what type and color of material you would like for your backing and we will purchase it for you and add it on to the total of your quilt.

Shipping Charges:
Cost of shipping is different for each item (ie: weight, distance shipped) Therefore shipping cost will be discussed with each order.

Rush Charge:
Occasionally a quilt can be accepted for Rush finishing. This service is ONLY available on an individual basis by customer request. This will have to be discussed before the unfinished quilt is sent to us.  Sometimes we can do a RUSH job, although we have a schedule to follow also. Charges will vary determining the time of year, and the intricate work desired.