How many times have quilters been asked by somebody to make a quilt for them?

Donít have the skills?
Donít have the time?

But youíd love to have a
Wedding Quilt created for that Bride and Groom.
Baby Quilt made for the "new addition to the family"
Heirloom Quilt made from blocks from each family member!
or that
Special Gift for that "Special Occassion"
Let "Kelley's Quilting" handle the entire project for you.

What is a Create-A-Quilt?

It is "exactly" what it is called.  You "create" the quilt from start to finish! 
You come up with the pattern, design, color coordination and, the final quilting design.
Then let Kelley's Quilting do all the work for you.

Our Create-A-Quilt service also includes a private directory on our web site, which we will post pictures of the quilt project from start to finish.  This is also where the layout and design of the quilt will be organized and updated as it happens! This feature of our service is unique and allows you to watch and share the progress of the quilt with others, building to the thrill of the day when the finished quilt is unveiled.

There will also be a Photo CD done of the entire project compiled and given to you on the completetion of the Quilt.
 A "Special" cloth label will be made and attached to the back of the Quilt.

     Prices Starting At:            
Create-A-Quilt Baby Quilt $149
Create-A-Quilt Double Quilt $499
Create-A-Quilt Queen Quilt $599
Create-A-Quilt King Quilt $699

Contact us today for details about this service.
Get the job done fast, professionally and stress free!

Rush Charge: Occasionally a quilt can be accepted for Rush finishing. This service is ONLY available on an individual basis by customer request. This will have to be discussed before the unfinished quilt is sent to us. Sometimes we can do a RUSH job, although we have a schedule to follow also. Charges will vary determining the time of year, and the intricate work desired.